J.C.L Services Limited, Incorporated in 2010 evolved from JCL Services which was established in 1993 as general merchants to provide supply services of general office and household equipment and their various accessories to the general public.

In its evolution, JCL Services Limited added up the following services:

  1. Dealership in Stationery and Printing Materials/Printing Press
  2. Dealership in Computer, Accessories and Office Furniture
  3. Sales & Servicing of Electronic Appliances
  4. Procurement and Supplies of General Goods
  5. Civil & Electrical Engineering, including Plumbing services
  6. Import & Export of General Goods and Services
  7. Manufacturers’ Representatives


JCL Services Limited envisages becoming one of the biggest trusted service providers in Ghana in particular and Africa and the world in general.


JCL Services Limited will become one of the most trustworthy business serviceproviders who put the customers’ desire and satisfaction first in all her dealings. This includes meeting customer specifications at affordable price and timely delivery with after-sales follow-ups.


JCL Services Limited is guided by the principle that the customer has the biggest stake in every company and so befriending them will mean giving them what they want, how they want it and at affordable prices and delivered within the customer’s time frame. This requires winning the trust of the customer not only by word of mouth but also by committed actions and deeds which are directed to achieve all the desired purposes.

24hr Hotline


J.C.L. Services Ltd. has offices and showrooms located at Kokomlemle just before the Circle over-pass connecting Kokomlemle to Adabraka.

Tel 1: +233 (0) 302 240 022

Tel 2: +233 (0) 208 127 444

Tel 3: +233 (0) 244 785 042

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